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The Business Class Massage Chair by Cloud 9
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The Business Class Massage Chair by Cloud 9

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The Business Class Massage Chair by Cloud 9

This product is equipped with a set of intelligent four-wheel driven 2D massage mechanism
Automatically checks the shoulder position and micro adjustment functions
Automatic message modes: Ease, Relax, Relieve Stress, Full Air Pressure
Upper body automatic massage function: Neck & Shoulder Auto, Back & Waist Auto
Manual massage functions of the upper body: Overall, Partial, Fixed Points options
Arm air pressure massage with 8 airbags and finger massage
Back heat function, adopt carbon fiber as heat emitter
Combined human engineering and "L" shaped curved rail technology
Zero gravity (about 118-degree angle elevation between body and feet)
Zero space (designed with one button, moving smoothly with unique forward slide
Air pressure leg massage function (20 airbags built-in) with 3 intensity adjustments
Extended calf rest and turnover stretch
Automatic power button restoration function
Colorful LED mood light on arm rest
Black only


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